Forever Indigenous
Identity, Empowering Information Capability.

Recognition of an 80,000-year-old message stick for cultural identity survival, to solve our modern-day problems for diverse identity & verified capabilities.

PBC Software & Native Title Groups 

  1. First Nations National Aboriginality

  2. Cultural Heritage Identification

  3. Verified Individual Identification

  4. PBC & Traditional Owner Identification

  5. Family Lines - Geneology

  6. Employee Cultural Safety

  7. Transferable Identification

  8. System to Control Permit Access.

Aboriginal Hunter

Community Corporations & Enterprise Software 

Used by Our Sector Partners

  • Native Title Group - PBC  

  • Community Control

  • Not for Profit Enterprises

  • Mining & Resources Sector

  • Labour Hire Sector

  • RTO Training Sector

  • Health Sector

  • CDP Providers

  • Youth Diversion

  • Correctional Services, & more.


All in One Platfrom

Independently Hold Verified Information:-

  • Auto Generated Resume

  • Training Certificates

  • Identity Documents

  • Skills Currency

  • Authorized Permit Access

  • Health Information

  • Open Links to Enterprises

  • National Aboriginality Confirmation Identification

ID Message Stick for
Proof of Aboriginality

First Nations cultural heritage national identification, protects your heritage and informs independent decision making. 
 HoldAccess is a 100% Indigenous founded company delivering a decentralized platform to empower first nations people to hold transferrable identification in two worlds, giving individuals control information instantly without the third party - genuine self-determination!.

"We improve access to your verified information anytime you need it when you add it to your Djii Wallet a modern day ID Message Stick" - CEO.

Native Title Claimant

Clan Representative, NT

“Our journey towards native title has been long and tireless.  Having the ability to hold my cultural identity and express native title over my traditional lands is too empowers me and my families"

Community Health Doctor

Indigenous Medical Practitioner, WA

"Holding your identity and being free to express who you are is a basic human right, this product gives diverse groups a real chance at closing the health gap"

CEO, Labour Hire

Training & Labour Hire Sector

"We constantly are working with people without basic identification and personal information. 

The digital platform helps us transition people into training and employment faster more seamlessly.  Students are always work-ready with the HoldAccess Diji-Wallet".  

Site Supervisor, CDP

Community Training & Development Sector

"Solves massive problems controlling their own information!  Organizations are at risk by holding personal information on behalf of clients."   

“A community is only as resilient as its People"

WUNA - Discovery Interviews, 2019.