All in One: Djii Wallet
A Modern Day 
Message Stick.

Djii-Nations celebrate diversity with first nations heritage & Aboriginality ID, designed by first nations people for diversity everywhere.

Helping First Nations & undocumented achieve self-determination by holding it in your hand.

Bringing two worlds together to speed the transitions. The physical & digital to break dependency cycles and protect data sovereignty.

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KYDC is a Multi Factor Authentication System.

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Why HoldAccess?

Improving Indigenous Agreements


  • Negotiate Real Jobs

  • Manage Permit Access

  • Recognize Traditional Owners

  • Treaty Determination 

  • Native Title Authorised Members & Demographic Data

  • Access Cultural Safety

  • Health Self-Access Instantly

  • Training Management

  • Access Capabilities Instantly

  • Tracks Procurement Goals 

  • Training Management System

Image by Dominik Vanyi

Holding access means we make choices instantly.  Always stay employable, companies know the diji wallet solves there day to day problems.

Reports, Indigenous participation and protects identity with proof of Aboriginality always available.  

When gaining new skills the Djii (digital) Wallet keeps me and my mob in control of our own destiny. 

My identity with cultural-heritage is the modern day message stick.  All my capabilities are in one place, no longer need permission from services to access it.   

As an artist solution found in the way we connect to symbols. but nothing is more powerful than out message stick. 


Adapting the message stick for today builds  a new world with an old world solution.