Smarter way to increase workforce employability

- HoldAccess is your workforce value chain inclusion solution, saving you costs with people first! 

Digital Work Life

Business Performance 

Our Story

We started out in 2018 in building better ways to solve a segmented industry, losing revenue by filling gaps found in outdated employment to work practices.

We are disrupting the high costs found in outdated workforce practices:-

Recruitment / Onboarding / Training / Retention/ Culture.

HoldAccess is a seamless work value chain that integrates a digital toolkit with software to increase business performance.  

Our Value
  • Improves Work Culture

  • Builds Resilient Workforces

  • Faster Information Access  

  • Reduces Employment Barriers

  • Improving Workforce Employability

  • Enhancing Career Development

  • Valuing People Metrics

  • More Seamless Performance

  • Tracks Compliance Capabilities  

  • Multiple Identification Instantly

  • Improves Diversity & Inclusive Workplaces  

  • Global Workforce Skills & Identification. 

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How It Works

People Impact

Individuals can hold and control their personal certificates and qualifications to share files fast and access any time they need it.

The Diji-Wallet improves personal performance, mental-wellbeing, and improves career development by faster access to work performance.

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Smarter Business Solution

END to END  - Workforce Inclusion Solution

  1. Hold Access - Recruitment Targets

  2. Hold Access - Efficient Onboarding 

  3. Hold Access - Industry Compliance

  4. Hold Access - Increase Retention & Succession

Enterprise Access

A practical software solution improving productivity in the business with workforces performances.  The software helps employers gain digital traction to lower admin costs by more than 70%. and be the leader of inclusion.  

The independent software monitors your worker KPI's for an end-to-end value chain, connecting employer segments with their employees to innovate the traditional rigid systems costing companies in lost revenue and placing companies at risk.

DIH - Darwin Innovation Hub
General Manager

"The Uber for Human Capital"


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