Australia's own Modern Day Message Stick Technology

Helping Industries Link to Human Value

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Diji (Digital) Wallet: Skills to Work & Culture.

A digital wallet works like a regular wallet holding cards and identification to share with whom you choose. 

For Industries empowers better engagement for employment, training, services to make faster transitions inclusive of humans first:

  1. Identity, skills, & work compliance on the GO! 

  2. Self-worth at your fingertips from anywhere

  3. Seamless Transitions from SKILLS to WORK

  4. Touchless Transitions with Less Documents.

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Transacts Skills to Work and Proof of Identity

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Independent Software for Organizations & Supply Chain

We provide software as a service for medium size businesses and enterprise. We understand human capital is your greatest asset that's why we exist.

Improving Information Flow to Innovate Systems:

  1. Procure Diversity & Social Benefits 

  2. Compliance Management

  3. Reduce Cyber Security Risk 

  4. Improves Workforce Retention

  5. Empowers Capability Development


Things Happen.

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Accept links to share information, quickly, easily and securely. 

Helping people achieve a quality of life.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Under documented  Job Seekers  Volunteers  First Nations

NBN National Business Awards.

*NBN Champion Innovative Business Awards (2020).
*NBN Winner Innovative Indigenous Business Award (2020).

Australian Message Stick Technology.


Developed from the oldest surviving culture in the world, evidence for more than 80,000 years - tested and proven by time itself. 

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Maximise Training, 
Employment & Culture.


Increasing employment parity and agency with the strongest national proof of First Nations heritage ID platform. 

Maximizes under represented communities with employment, skills and procurement management.

'Inclusion is about being connected to opportunities'.

ECB Training Services.

It fits perfectly with procurement conditions when engaging workforce participation rates for a national proof of Aboriginality.  


Business Solutions Expert, DIH.

- HoldAccess is your Uber for Human Capital.

CEO, Founder HoldAccess.

- We are innovating employable workforces with a culture of people first.

Frequently asked questions

Who uses the HoldAccess Diji-Wallet?

The Diji-Wallet has been built by industry professionals for individuals and businesses alike, and is the choice platform among First Nation Sectors and Native Title Groups.

Is my data on HoldAccess secure?

Just like a credit card or license in your wallet or handbag, the data is stored in the cloud and protected by your unique password with multiple other secure gateways to ensure your information is protected.

Does HoldAccess certify the national proof of Aboriginality?

No, we collate your Aboriginal evidence to display the verified information on a Diji-Card with a photo and culural heritage information used as national proof of Aboriginality where you can use it as the strongest proof of Aboriginality.

Is the information on the Diji-Card verified & can it be used for getting a job or checking industry comliance?


Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, you can view our privacy policy by clicking the PDF in our website footer.

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